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Top Health Podcasts, Videos, And Books on Ketosis, Intermittent Fasting, Paleo, and related… [Productivity] (2)

Be sure to see my top ergonomic tools, like standing desks. Here’s what works for me. This may or may not work for you due to differences in daily exercise or metabolism. Updated 8/4/2018. Top Links Exploring Smart D…

Justin's favorite productivity tools (with Mac and iOS) [Productivity] (4)

Here’s a few of mine (and see my top health tips): Computer and Phone See Macbook Pro 2017 Tips and Details. 100% the best laptop ever by miles. Way better than my loaded 2015 model. And iPhone plus iPad! 4K support is …

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Signup to keep in touch with Justin Gordon and ShakaCode. I intend to send a weekly to monthly summary including announcements of new releases of React on Rails, top picks, and of our latest blog articles and tutorials. …

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Health and Productivity Top Health Podcasts, Videos, And Books on Ketosis, Intermittent Fasting, Paleo, and related… What are your favorite productivity tools (with Mac OS) Technical My .pryrc for debugging and pro…

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