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Welcome to the ShakaCode Forum!


Why This Forum?

  1. For richer discussions regarding the topics in the blog articles at using a nice markdown editor.
  2. To provide a free and thus Googleable source of information regarding the following technologies for building web and mobile apps:
    1. Ruby on Rails
    2. Modern Javascript (ES6, React, EmberJs, etc.)
    3. iOS and Swift
  3. To have a place to discuss other related topics, such as eventually having a Maui Conference.
  4. To provide a free (and thus Googleable) alternative to the awesome Ruby Rogues Parley.

Who Is It For?

It’s for the community that loves using and contributing to the technologies listed above.

Will You be Charging for It?

Definitely never for viewing, as that would impact searchability! It’s simply a labor of love, like most open source contributions!

Will You Answer Everybody’s Questions?

No guarantees, but I’ll try to be helpful!

Is This Like StackOverflow?

Definitely not! Questions with definitive right or wrong arguments should be posted to Stack Overflow. However, if the question is directly related to an article that I’ve written, please do post.

Thanks for visiting!