How to skip automatically running `yarn install` when you precompile


Add Rake::Task["yarn:install"].clear to stop Rails from triggering unnecessary runs of yarn install during your deployments.


Do you want to stop seeing extra runs of yarn install when you run rake assets:precompile in your Rails project?

Why are you already running yarn install when you deploy?

  1. If you’re using Docker, yarn install should create a docker image layer, which is a layer prior to the building of assets.
  2. You might be using Heroku’s Node buildpack and that will automatically call yarn install.


Rails automatically adds a dependency of task yarn:install to assets:precompile in versions prior to 7.x, and some Rails gems add yarn:install as a dependency`. See

In Rails 6.x:

This changed in Rails 7:
Call yarn directly by zarqman · Pull Request #43641 · rails/rails · GitHub so that some Rails gems, notably jsbundling-rails and csbundling-rails now do this dependency enhancement.

SOLUTION to STOP Rails magically calling yarn install

Add this to your project Rakefile, after the call to Rails.application.load_tasks:

# Skip auto-running `yarn install` when running `rails assets:precompile`

Shakapacker Issue

If you’re using ShakaPacker, a bug introduced in 6.4.1 is fixed in 6.5.6 per Clean up duplicated yarn install by justin808 · Pull Request #238 · shakacode/shakapacker · GitHub.

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