Standing Desk Recommendations?

Any recommendations on makes and models to consider for a standing desk?

My requirements would be:

  1. Usable both sitting and standing.
  2. Can support iMac + 27" cinema display + 3rd display.
  3. Keyboard and mouse trays.
  4. Easy to switch from standing to seated.

Any other pros and cons to this sort of setup?

Links and pictures are appreciated!

Justin -

I’ve heard excellent reviews on

Personally haven’t tried it but I’m looking forward to when I can get one. I currently use the Ergotron stand desk:

I enjoy it because I’m standing but I would much prefer to have a full table top desk that I can put things on.


Here’s an awesome article and discussion on standing desks:

Strange that it was recently updated but doesn’t even mention the standdesk. Have you made a decision on which one you’re going to get?

See article:

I have been using the Ergotron WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand Desk rgotron for some time now and love it!!

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Flexisport & Varidesk standing desk are the best standing desk I have used so far. The height of both standing desk is completely adjustable and you can keep dual monitor also on it.

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I really love my new Yo-Yo DESK®. I chose the Yo-Yo DESK® 36 because I have 2 monitors and I needed the extra space. It is 35 ¼ ‘’. wide and fits perfectly with workstations using double monitors or when placed on a standard sized desk. I am sure it will perfectly accommodate your iMac + 27" cinema display + a 3rd display.

You can check out the dimensions for yourself. The desk comes with 15 adjustable heights using smooth gas spring, which makes it super adjustable.

Why not make the standing desk on your own. It will be easier to meet your requirements if you will construct such a desk. You can do it following different guides for standing desk DIY with images, for example at GoStanding or HealthLine. Think about this as it is the best way to get the desk with your dimensions