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MacBook Pro 2017 Tips and Details


What are your tips and notes on the new MacBook Pro?

Justin’s notes on the new 2017 Macbook Pro:

Limited selections. So far the ShakaCode team favorite is to get:

  • Best 15" choice
  • Faster processor option
  • 1TB drive, rather than 2TB drive to save $800
  • AppleCare 3-year warranty

Reasons to Upgrade

From my 2015 Macbook Pro:

  • Faster drive speed
  • Better video to support 4K and 5K devices
  • Touchpad, screen, new trackpad, and keyboard are AWESOME
  • Overall so much faster than my top of the line 2015 model!
  • USB-C is much better! Yes, you need some dongles, but you can use a single connector to a Thunderbolt docking station. Very elegant!


Dongles and Cables


Seems AMEX best to use with AppleCare

Closing Thoughts

Any reasons to wait for another upgrade cycle?

Setup Notes

Justin's favorite productivity tools (with Mac and iOS)

And don’t forget to max out the RAM. Running a Rails server, multiple Chrome tabs, a node server for weback, multiple linters in your editor, etc., can really add up!