Favorite Podcasts

What are your favorite podcasts?


My Top Podcasts

  • The Tim Ferris Show: Tim just keeps getting better and better. I’m on the same wavelength as Tim in terms of advice on all aspects of leading a successful life, especially in regards to health, productivity, and overall happiness and success. He has amazing guests and does such an outstanding job during his interviews. While he does do affiliate marketing, my sense is that he only recommends products that really benefit his audience.
  • The Kevin Rose Show: Kevin seems to be on the same wavelength as Tim, and his show, keeps getting better and better.
  • Reid Hoffman: Masters of Scale: Reid has the most relevant advice for tech startup founders. This podcast is both entertaining and useful.
  • Rhonda Patrick: Found My Fitness: If I’m going to trust anybody for unbiased and scientific advice on health, I’d probably say Rhoda is at the top of my list.

Other Favorites

  • Inside Intercom and Intercom on Product Management: For startup founders, both the Intercom books and podcasts are more useful than 99% of anything else you can find the web or Amazon.
    *Lewis Howes: The School of Greatness: Lewis does a great job of interviewing amazing guests that talk about how we can all be more successful, be it in health, productivity, creativity, etc. I’ve just started listening to this one, and I would not be surprised if this one moves to my top list.
  • The James Altucher Show: James has some great guests and does a fabulous interview. I would have put this one in my list of the top five, except that I never really know if what James is advertising is something he believes in, or just believes will make him rich.

How I Listen to Podcasts

App for iOS: Pocket Casts App for organizing and listening. The UX is superb. This app gets as much usage as any app on my iPhone.

To review podcasts on a Mac

Over and over again, podcasts creators ask for reviews. The number of reviews they get is tiny compared to the number of listeners. While I listen to podcasts almost every single day, the inability to review from Pocket Casts resulted me never giving reviews. Well, my top podcasts deserve this, so I wrote down the process:

  1. Launch iTunes and switch to “Podcasts”.

  2. Search by name, and go to the “Ratings and Reviews” Tab.

Closing Notes

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