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Why is my RN application crashing?


I have completed my first RN application. I started building it on a real device and testing it. I basically am plugging it into my mac and building the bundle onto my iPhone. The app works great except when I terminate the app then try to open it by clicking on the app icon. Note: I am not talking about allowing the app to run in the background and pressing on it to bring it to the foreground. I’m terminating it and when trying to run the app it crashes.

I pulled the error log out of the iPhone:

Termination Reason: Namespace SPRINGBOARD, Code 0x8badf00d

Termination Description: SPRINGBOARD, scene-create watchdog transgression: net.moder8.Moder8 exhausted real (wall clock) time allowance of 19.95 seconds | ProcessVisibility: Foreground | ProcessState: Running | WatchdogEvent: scene-create | WatchdogVisibility: Foreground | WatchdogCPUStatistics: ( | “Elapsed total CPU time (seconds): 13.130 (user 13.130, system 0.000), 11% CPU”, | “Elapsed application CPU time (seconds): 0.081, 0% CPU” | )

At first I believed it was my code and then I created an entire new RN project, build it to my phone and the same thing happens. I feel like I am missing something simple, maybe configuration of something.

Any assistance would be awesome.