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What's the Best React Auto-Complete Component?


Please let me know your favorite auto-complete component for ReactJS?

Here’s a few choices from a quick Google query:


I haven’t used 3rd party auto-complete component. But I have found it super easy to code a simple auto-complete from scratch. Depending on your needs, ‘create from scratch’ might be your fastest option.


@andyl, any chance that you can throw up a git repo or gist example?


Sure - here’s a quick example:


react-select: it supports react 0.13+


I spent some time looking at al lot the options listed above, and none of them really did everything I wanted.

Fortunately I came across this one: which is the clear winner for me. Simple, well documented, useful hooks, and easily configurable.


I’ve been working on a React Autocomplete control. Works with a static list of strings. It’s my first attempt at an NPM package and I like to get some positive or negative criticism.


@blairg It would be helpful if you could describe what are the advantages and disadvantages of your component compared to the other ones listed.

#9 , it’s the best choice


npm install react-autosuggest --save

it’s the best so far, clean and clear


npm i typeahead-react-component

use this react component it was build from react 15 and elasticsearch client support , please read the Documentation below that if any issues faceing please raise a ticket


@all Just wanted to add my work here. I’d recently published react-power-select, a set of highly composable select/autocomplete components. Do check & shed your feedbacks




Here is a very basic autocomplete/autosuggest/typeahead component I have written (for my needs) and published to npm as I still wasn’t able to find something that had all the features I needed. It is inspired by the google maps autocomplete search field. Maybe someone finds it helpful : )

Github: Demo:


I will add my thought, as a one who spent two fully days working around with downshift and react-bootstrap-typeahead, after reviewing this conversation I gave react-autosuggest, I was able to implement the component in less than 30 minutes, in my opinion react-autosuggest is best among the other for the following reasons:
1- Number of code and live example available
2- Documented well
3-Clean and Clear code
4- easy integration with Redux and Sagas (this was my specific requirement)