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What workflow / tools to help kickstart your AngularJS apps?


Hi guys,

So what’s your preferred tooling workflow for getting the boilerplate stuff generated needed for an AngularJS project? I’m building a toy app with AngularJS on the front and Sinatra (Padrino.rb technically) backend.

I found this from Sitepoint for tooling from 2013:

It’s obviously a bit old - so what’s the rage nowadays?


Hi @treble37,

I have joined this forum recently and stumbled at your post. I do professional Angular development and prepared this modern production ready seed project:

Tools used:

  • Angular (the framework)
  • Webpack (js, css building, minificaiton, bundling)
  • Gulp (managing builds, tests, assets)
  • Jasmine + Karma (unit tests)
  • Jasmine + Protractor (e2e tests)
  • npm + bower - assets management
  • jslint (code quality)

Let me know if you have any question.



Thank you @piotr, this is exactly what I needed! Starred on ghub!