What parts of react_on_rails does Rails 5.1 make obsolete?

Hi, I’m still new to react_on_rails. From my reading, it appears that Rails 5.1 may make some aspects of the react_on_rails (and react-rails) gems obsolete. I’m curious if someone could give me an overview of where the 5.1 changes overlap with the functionality in react_on_rails. What changes might need to be made to react_on_rails to support using webpacker and other JS changes in 5.1? Thanks!

Hi @luke! I’m currently looking into supporting Webpacker with React on Rails.

If you want to investigate this with me, please email me and I’ll send you a slack invite.

Currently, from what I can tell, Webpacker is enabling a simplified version of Webpack to compile JavaScript assets.

Some of the really big features of React on Rails are:

  1. Server rendering.
  2. Full support for a very independent structure of all your JavaScript under a /client directory, which allows support for CSS modules, fonts, etc.
  3. Support for separate redux stores.