Upgrading from an older version

I originally ran the generator using version 1.0.1. I was looking through the changes since then and I see that some things have changed in the structure of the client folder, like only having one package.json file for example. Is there any good strategy for upgrading? I’m considering just moving my client folder out and re-running the generator and then moving my scripts back in, just checking if there is an easier way.

Thanks for a great gem,

I ended up re-running the generator with the new version of the gem and it was relatively simple to figure out which of the changes to keep using git.

@codegasm Please take a look at this: https://github.com/shakacode/react_on_rails-generator-results and apply changes manually or just creating a new simple repo and applying changes between the projects.

The generators are a huge amount of work. We don’t intend to make them backwards compatible.

If you have a great idea, we’re open to pull requests.

In fact, we’d really appreciate a doc PR on the best way to about upgrading.