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Googling for upgrading octopress gave me my own article as the second match. It’s always a great reason to blog and have your notes indexed by Google!

I ran into one difficult issue with the upgrade. The issue was the very frustrating:

bin/ruby_executable_hooks:15: stack level too deep (SystemStackError)

How did I solve the problem?

Naturally the first thing to do is to google the error message. That was not particularly helpful.

Since I assumed that this problem would be pretty specific to my Octopress site, I guessed that the issue was related to a rogue Jekyll plugin.

I moved all my plugins that were not part of standard Octopress into a /plugins_removed directory, and then added back my plugins one at a time. That helped me narrow down the issue to the jekyll_alias_generator plugin, which sets up redirects when you change the URL of a published blog articles.

Then I clicked on the Issues icon for the jekyll_alias_generator and searched for stack level too deep and BINGO!

And here’s the solution: Stack level too deep error #14, which is to replace lines 73-75 in alias_generator.rb with this code:

1 2 3 (alias_index_path.split('/').size).times do |sections| @site.static_files << Jekyll::AliasFile.new(@site, @site.dest, alias_index_path.split('/')[1, sections + 1].join('/'), '') end

Update: rather than using the AliasGenerator plugin, use: jekyll/jekyll-redirect-from

Another issue I hit was that I had a few template files that were using

layout: nil

This results in errors like:

Build Warning: Layout 'nil' requested in atom.xml does not exist.

This got changed in the recent version of Jekyll to use null, like this:

layout: null

So grep your files for layout: nil and change those to layout: null.

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