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Tips for Updating to the Latest Version of React-Native along with XCode libraries


Updating XCode libraries, especially the version of react-native, is a bit tricky due to merge conflicts with the XCode files.

So…After merging the XCode files…

And it’s a worth a shout out that I could not resolve merge conflicts easily without Webstorm!


The react-native-fbsdk is super awesome. However, after each set of big changes to ios/MyApp.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj, I had to re-follow the steps of:

  1. rnpm install react-native-fbsdk (per the docs for 0.3.0. It seems that master has simpler instructions.
  2. I had to re-add the libraries for the FBSDK. These were in my ios/Frameworks directory.


This article Adding Custom Fonts to A React Native Application for IOS was helpful. A team member added the fonts, but I still had to do this step: Step 2: Make sure that they’re included in the target


The one big issue I had with CocoaPods with React-Native is that this got added to my Podfile by default:

  target 'MyAppTests' do
   inherit! :search_paths
   # Pods for testing

Until I commented this out, I could not build. I’m not sure what this is doing.