ShakaCode's favorite RubyMine features

Many ShakaCode developers use RubyMine.

Here are a few of the things we most love about RubyMine.

I’ll start off the discussion by mentioning the:

  1. Awesome Vim support from IdeaVim that is available not only in the editor but especially in having the same keystrokes in the diff windows.

  2. Awesome window management, especially hiding and showing toolbox windows with one keystroke.

  3. The diffing tools when checking my changes before making commits, resolving merging conflicts, and browsing the git history.

  4. Awesome search across files, with the ability to specify just the right scope for the search, such as limiting by project files or even including library files.

  5. Easy access to editing gems inside the project for throwing a quick binding.pry to see what’s really going on inside of a gem.

Honorable Mention Cool Stuff

  1. With rspec, you can rename a let declaration and it works!

And I just saw this collection of Tips and Tricks

When you’re having discussions about code, you usually want to share a link to Github, right?

So highlight lines or click on a line, and right-click, then Open in Github. This will save some time!