ShakaCode is Hiring and Partnering! Part-time Remote is OK!

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I’m looking to hire or partner with other like minded remote freelancers that enjoy using the tools that I focus on in my blog and my forum. In a nutshell, that’s typically Ruby on Rails and ReactJs. The projects are web apps for startups and our own internal startup project.

If you’ve got another full-time gig, then working with me part-time could be a great way to dip your toes into my world of remote telecommuting.

In terms of partnering, if you have consulting firm or are a busy freelancer, let’s connect, in case you’ve either got extra bandwidth, or if you need to find a subcontractor


  1. Programming is a passion, not a job.
  2. Active contributions to open source, including pull requests, sample applications, etc.
  3. Lots of communication samples, including blogging, forum participation, etc.
  4. Ability to manage your own time and motivation.
  5. Your own setup to be super effective, including faster Internet and an awesome Mac.
  6. You understand this project: We’re using this as a template for all our projects.


  1. Sitting in boring, long meetings with cranky co-workers trying to prove they’re smarter than you.
  2. What hours you work and where.


Want to get involved in the world or modern web apps and remote freelancing. I’m mentoring a few friends on the following, so desire and skill is all that’s required.

Basic Preparation

(unless you’ve got plenty of relevant experience)

  1. You’ve gone through the program or have equivalent experience.
  2. Know client side JavaScript well, and are learning ReactJs and Flux (now Redux).
  3. Experience working on professional software teams, or show some serious initiative.
  4. Make some pull requests on some of my projects on github, such as the
    1. react-webpack-rails-tutorial
    2. bootstrap-sass-loader

Interested? Email me!

UX Lead Wanted for new Startup

Over at Rails on Maui, we’re looking for a lead designer to assist the engineers with website layout and overall UX.

Experience with launch pages and the book “Don’t Make Me Think” is a must.

An ideal candidate will contribute to:

  • Overall look and feel of the mobile responsive, consumer website
  • Utilization of a framework, like Twitter Bootstrap for building a mobile responsive site.
  • Intelligent screen layout for maximum ease of use.
  • Selection of design elements, such as colors, fonts, etc.
  • Custom icon creation or ability to outsource that.
  • Work closely with front end engineers (no JavasScript experience required, but it could be a

Remote/International is fine. Must have good Internet, good equipment, and good communication skills.

In terms of what we’re doing…

“Friends and Guests” is a social network for connecting hosts and guests. We’re primarily focused on the Maui market, and especially surfers, SUP’ers, and kiters, and anybody with places to stay in Maui. If you enjoy social media and travel, this will be a fun project for you.

ShakaCode looking for the next ShakaCoders!

ShakaCode (formerly Rails on Maui), is hiring.

We’ve got an all remote team. Team members are based in Maui, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Brazil, Cambodia, Bali, Moscow, and Spain.

We’ve got a very interesting product under construction using react + redux. I can personally guarantee to you that our product is not like a hackathon startup project, but more like an open source code example of how to build the very best Rails + React application ever written. We share our techniques with this prototype application: which is live here:

Besides having a product with awesome code, it solves a real problem that friends of ours have. And that is how one shares a vacation rental with friends and family.

Our philosophy differs quite a bit from your traditional Silicon Valley “gonna be the next unicorn” company. We’re much more in line with the philosophy and strategy of David and Jason from Basecamp.

If this sort of thing interests you, or if you know any other developers looking, let us know. Please email me personally:

We’re :100: 100% still looking for more great team members!

Get in touch if you’re interested!

If you like our product, all the more reason to get in touch!


CEO and Founder