Questions on First pass by an experienced Rails and React Dev

I’m diving quickly into React on Rails. First off, I’m very grateful for all the hard work that you’all have done here and for the good choices that you have made.

I’m looking at both the generator and the tutorial code and on a first pass it looks like some of the newest and best features are in the tutorial and not in the generator? is that correct?

I’m specifically looking for webpack 2, the integration of Bootstrap, and the use of hot loading as well as Redux and React-Router.

I also note that in the tutorial the React style has moved more toward the use of the functional syntax for components and the sole use of ES6 classes. That is also where I am at in my React dev.

So, it looks like my best move if I want to leverage the latest and greatest config and style of coding will be for me to cherrypick the conventions that I want to purse from the tutorial and not use the generator? Or am I missing out here?

Great work by the way. I really appreciate all the work here. Well done.

Oh yes. I’m also really keen on using postcss and, looking at the webpack config in the tutorial, using that looks like the path to take to do that. thanks again!