Passenger 5 Rails performance - anyone using it yet?

Have you all seen the claims by Phusion about the performance of the new Passenger 5.0?

I am wondering if anyone has had experience with it yet or has switched? I currently run all my production sites with nginx/unicorn for both performance and, more importantly to me as a dev, zero downtime deploys. Unicorn of course comes with downside of significant memory overhead (duplicates of the entire stack), Passenger claims the same benefits of unicorn with the multi-threaded approach of Puma but with 2X performance. Sounds too good to be true :wink:

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I"m using passenger 5.0.4 on debian with nginx.
Not much of a load to test performance, but super easy to install.
Is there a test you would like me to run with a test tool?

Well, I’d be interested in seeing a straight comparison of passenger versus unicorn just using AB (apache benchmark) - both on static content and rails/dynamic content. I just haven’t had time to setup a test bench to do it. I also haven’t used passenger in a long time (4+ years) so not sure how their zero downtime deploys work compared to unicorn, but I’d definitely love to hear some testimony there as well.