Octopress Setup with Github, Org Mode, and LiveReload - Rails on Maui

Github offers free hosting of both the blog deployment and source. You’re looking at the deployment right now. You can find the source here at my git repo justin808.github.io. I doubt you could beat the price, performance, and convenience. You can look inside of this repo, clone it, etc. and you have everything that it took to make this blog.

I originally was quite confused by the concept of using two separate git branches to make up what gets deployed on the live website versus the git repository of my articles. Plus, there’s the issue of Octopress git repository that you clone when starting out. Eventually, I figured out that the two branches simply contain different files, with one containing the original Octopress files. Here’s a few screen grabs that might clarify the situation for you.

Don’t forget that you never push to the master branch, but rather the rake deploy task does it for you. Instead, you run git push origin source to push the content of your blog to github.

The octopress/public directory corresponds to what you’ll find on the github site for your deployment (master branch).

The octopress/.gitignore file contains entries like public, which essentially keeps the rake generate files out of the source branch.

Here’s the github master branch right after creation. Note the correspondence with public. This is what gets deployed as your blog.

Here’s the github source branch. This contains the octopress environment, as well as your customizations and blog posts.

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First of all I would like to thank you for writing this detailed guide on using Octopress with Emacs Org mode.

When I try to M-x save-then-publish in Org mode version 8.0.3 (from ELPA) I get the following error:

org-publish-org-to-octopress: Symbol's function definition is void: org-publish-with-aux-preprocess-maybe

I posted an issue for this on the orgmode-octopress page here: https://github.com/craftkiller....
I noticed that a month a go you posted a similar issue there: https://github.com/craftkiller.... I was wondering if you have been able to find a resolution. I cannot find any reference to the function org-publish-with-aux-preprocess-maybe to see what might have replaced it in the new Org mode export engine.

A second question: apart from the inconvenience you mention one faces for posting new pages (having to add a new project to .emacs) how would you describe your experience with Octopress + Org mode so far? I am especially interested in posting code, math (via MathJax), and images.

Overall, Octopress with org-mode rocks. There's a few quirks, but nothing that seems too difficult to overcome. I have not tried again to update to the latest version of org-mode, although I'd like to.

I'm working on getting my publishing system updated with org-mode 8.