No Idea How to Configure Webpack

I was following the steps on the react on rails guide that was available and was finally able to get the code to work on my development server, but everytime I try and deploy my code to heroku I run into issues with assets not being precompiled properly.

More details on

On the github site on the “webpack” section it just says "configuration files with no further instructions so I’m lost here… Do I need to copy files into my project from that repo??? after installing the gem I have two different package.json and webpack.config.js one in my root directory and one in a file in config/webpack and I have no idea why the hell I have two pairs? The whole webpack issue to “precompile assests” is EXTREMELY confusing. Is there any more guidance that can lay out how to set this up simply anywhere on the internet? I’ve read at least 6 different explanations that might as well have been in greek.


Configuration Files

webpack.client.base.config.js: Common client configuration file to minimize code duplication for,, Webpack configuration for Express server client/server-express.js Client side js bundle for deployment and tests. Webpack Dev Server bundler for serving rails assets on port 3500, used by client/server-rails-hot.js, for hot reloading JS and CSS within Rails. Server side js bundle, used by server rendering.

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