Macbook Pro Suggestions?

Although I have a late 2013 13" retina Macbook Pro currently, I’ve realized that I need more RAM as well as a better graphics card in order to be able to use 4K monitors, which I’m very interested in doing. So I was considering purchasing a new 15" retina Macbook Pro, and was wondering what specs everyone thought was necessary.

Considering that I may eventually want to do dual 4K monitors (if that’s possible), I should go for the non-integrated graphics AMD card, right? Max the RAM, and I can live with the 500GB and not the 1TB HD given the massive +$500 it would add. Also it’s not necessary to upgrade the processor, is it?

Just get the max one offered @robwise.

If you do the math, the differences between the options divided by the number of hours you’ll use the computer for say 3 years * 365 days will amount to pennies per day.

It’s been almost 6 months since the current model released, so either get one NOW, or wait maybe 6 months and get the newest, latest, greatest on the day it’s announced. I absolutely LOVE my 2015 one because of 2 main things:

  1. Fast SSD (2x over previous generation)
  2. Support for 4k screen.

That being said, the next generation may include the new Intel chipset which might have something new and great.