Justin's weekly picks, April 11 - April 17, 2020

I’m going to experiment with creating posts on this topic of neat things that I’ve learned and published each week.

April 11, 2020

Here are a couple of articles that I liked from Peter Cooper’s JavaScript Weekly newsletter:

Some GitHub Pro-Tips Direct from GitHub

Lee Reilly is a developer and marketer at GitHub and has a whole bunch of genuinely useful GitHub power user tips here. Or if you prefer something more JavaScript-flavored, GitHub also just wrote about how they restructured GitHub’s JavaScript SDK. By LEE REILLY (GITHUB)

I love being a power-user of Github’s web interface. You’ve tried Octotree by now, right?

Understanding JavaScript’s Various Module Formats and Tools

Straightforward examples of things from the IIFE pattern to CommonJS modules, the now uncommon AMD modules, ES modules, Babel modules, and more. By DIXIN

Since the current Node code uses CommonJS and will eventually move to ES modules, this is a nice refresher.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Kyle asked his coworkers to share their favorite command-line tools and tricks and, wow, what a compilation. I bet you’ll find something to make your setup better here. By KYLE ADAMS.

Some of these I already used. However, I just learned about tldr and was reminded on how cool fzf and rg are!

April 12, 2020

Think like Darwin

Wow, this is a great read from 2016. How Darwin Thought: The Golden Rule of Thinking.

I came across that from this week’s Brain Food newsletter:

In The Laws of Human Nature, Robert Greene writes:
“Your first impulse should always be to find the evidence that disconfirms your most cherished beliefs and those of others. That is true science.”

How many programming frameworks, fads, trends, languages come and go every year? Can you look for evidence the disconfirms your most cherished beliefs and those of others? Maybe you like React? What is evidence that disconfirms React is the right choice? Or substitute some other technology, like Apollo for GraphQL, as opposed to just simply using React props.

Published sass-resources-loader patch update

I published v2.0.2 of the sass-resources-loader with only dependency updates.

drg gem: Nice tool to update the Gemfile with dependency ranges

I’m working on updating my repo shakacode/webpacker-examples from rails/webpacker v4 to v5. I wanted to update all the gems. Rather than edit the Gemfile manually, I tried out the drg gem. It did a nice job of automating the edit of the Gemfile to unpin via command rake drg:unpin so that I could run bundle update --all. Afterward, I pinned all gems to the major versions via rake drg:pin:major. The only thing I didn’t particularly like is that I had to add the gem 'drg' to my Gemfile, or else the rake tasks won’t work.