Just some neat tricks

Since I have been trying to learn rails, I have also been learning to use ruby. I don’t currently have any questions, however I want to make my presence clear that I have not “given up” and so I am just posting some Ruby tricks to make clearer code that I found useful.

Instead of lots of if else comparison statements (if 200 < num && num < 300) it is possible to use ranges as such:

puts case num
  when 200..300: "two hundreds"
  when 300..400: "three hundreds"

Also ruby objects have a tap method that can replace this:

def create_some_object(params)
  object = SomeClass.new
  object.field1 = 'some value'
  object.field2 = 'some other value'

with this:

def create_some_object(params)
  SomeClass.new.tap do |o|
    o.field1 = 'some value'
    o.field2 = 'some other value'

Neat, huh!
Hope you have learned some better ruby practices.

Keep them coming @AaronR!

Didn’t know about .tap, thanks for sharing.