Introducing "React on Rails Pro" Subscriptions

Very soon, ShakaCode will be officially releasing React on Rails Pro. What is it?

Goals of “React on Rails Pro”

  1. Provide premium, actively updated code examples of best practices regarding the usage of React on Rails and React-Native, as ShakaCode uses in production projects.
  2. Provide discussion materials regarding different technology choices in the areas of client-side JavaScript, React-Native, and Rails backends.


  1. todo-app-production: All the libraries and techniques that ShakaCode would use for a new React on Rails project with relatively sophisticated requirements.
  2. CSS Modules
  3. Yarn and Webpack v2.2
  4. Libraries including Redux Saga, Reselect, Immutable.js, etc.
  5. Bootstrap v4 for styling
  6. todo-app-react-native: A react-native app that connects to the API from the todo-app-production
  7. General Q&A

Access to this repository is limited to:

  • Members of the ShakaCode Team bound by a contract.
  • Invited contributors to the react-on-rails-pro repo that have signed the contributor agreement.
  • Active ShakaCode React on Rails Coaching clients.
  • Active ShakaCode consulting clients
  • (Future) Paid subscribers to “React on Rails Pro”

Additional Benefits

  • Access to a members only section of this forum.
  • The most basic subscription will include priority help to answer any questions regarding how the examples work, so long as the questions and answers can benefit the community.
  • Other “coaching” subscriptions will offer 1:1 screen-sharing to answer any questions about the examples or really anything.

Why Not Make This Free and Open Source?

We will continue with our free open source libraries and examples based on top of them. However, we want to have some paid content so that those that want to support our work on open source have an avenue to support us! We’re a tiny company, so we don’t have the luxury of a Facebook or Google regarding supporting large open source projects.

How Do I Get More Info?

  1. Please signup for our mailing list, as well as this forum.
  2. If you want early access or you think you might be able to contribute to the content that we’re generating, please email There’s no better way to learn what we’re demonstrating than to be actively contributing to the demos! However, this takes some time!

Any estimations on pricing ?

As of right now, we’re providing the materials to our coaching clients.

See ShakaCode Coaching for more details.

Once we can get a system where it’s easy to setup subscriptions, we’ll come out a with a moderate priced plan.

@Dinesh_Pallapa, what do you think would be a good monthly price for this?

It’s just my suggestion instead of doing things in bulk divide things into modules like React, ReactNative, Redux, … and depending on difficulty add a price tag from $20 to $50 per month for each module.It may helps us to adopt your best coding practices in every module.