How to hot-reload rails scss file with react-hot-reload

I’m manage my scss file with rails-sass gem, the file put in /app/assets/stylesheets/, and I don’t want manage my file with webpack . because node was not friendly with sass. If I don’t require('scss file in rails stylesheet') in webpack, could I use the react-hot-reload feature? I wan’t open two reload tools(Livereload), best all in react-hot-reload.

Thank all !

See It uses the same sass in both Rails and for react-hot-reload.

It uses, which I wrote.

Node is now sass friendly!

add client/assets/stylesheets to asset pipeline’s search path.

:+1: very nice !

But I can’t install node-sass lib, because I’m using iojs v3.0 , node-sass still have some problem with this iojs version.

I decide wait some days until the problem of node-sass solve .

Thank you very much, I learned a lot from you !

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