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How to download Youtube Videos (and convert to Audio) for 1.5x speed on iOS


Notes below are before I discovered SpeedUpTV.

Installation on a Mac. Install Brew first if you haven’t yet.

brew install youtube-dl
brew install ffmpeg

Docs for youtube-dl.

Converting a video to m4a for your iPhone

1. Create the m4a

All you need is the -x --audio-format m4a options and the URL of the youtube video.

youtube-dl -x --audio-format m4a

2. Load file into iTunes

  1. Drag and drop the file onto iTunes. If you can’t drag and drop, it’s the wrong file type.
  2. Find the file in Music in your library in iTunes.
  3. Hit CMD-I to edit the info for the file.
  4. Set the type to Audiobook if it’s text and you want to be able to vary the playback speed.
  5. Set the title and author. (or else it’s very hard to find the file!)

3. Move the file to your iPhone.

If you don’t sync your entire library:

  1. If you made the file an audiobook, the file will disappear from Music and move to Audiobooks in your iPhone library.
  2. Drag the file onto your iPhone in iTunes.

4. Sync your iPhone with iTunes


Extra notes on converting files

The first post is the best way to do this. Here are some of my notes.

1. Download the video

Find the video URL and run a command like this:


2. Convert to Audio Optional

  1. Find the filename of the mp4: ls -t *.mp4

  2. You will convert the file using ffmpeg.
    Substitute the FILENAME.mp4. Note the single quotes around the name in case there are spaces in the name.

  3. Maybe check the file is encode with AAC:

ffmpeg -i 'FILENAME'
  1. Convert the file, changing the mp4 extension to an m4a extension:
ffmpeg -i 'FILENAME.mp4' -c copy 'FILENAME.m4a'

If that doesn’t work, see the details in this article

Adding the Audio to iTunes


  1. File => Open => Add to Library. Pick the AAC file.

  2. Find the file in your playlist:

  1. Sync the playlist with your iPhone

Downloading a Video Playlist and Converting to Audio

So you can listen at 1.5x speed!

This will download my StartupSchool Playlist:

youtube-dl --download-archive startup-school-archive.txt

The --download-archive options ensures that if you add more videos to the playlist, you won’t re-download those. Great option!

To convert audio in any formats to mp3:

ffmpeg -i FILENAME.EXT -vn -acodec libmp3lame FILENAME.mp3


You can use allavsoft to download from FirstPost on Mac and Windows,and also download FirstPost Videos to MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI, FLV.


Catchvideo can also help you to download video and convert it to MP3, OGG, AAC, FLAC. For more details, you may need this one:


I use for Mac this app
But you can also do it online


I prefer Allavsoft which can batch and directly download videos, music, playlist from YouTube to MP4, MP3, MOV, WMV, AVI, MOV, WAV etc


Speaking of how to download YouTube videos to iPhone, I realize that some download YouTube video format should be converted before I import them onto my iPhone. Because iPhone only allows users to play specified video types. So I would like to use some tools that support to accomplish both download and conversion tasks


Thanks for sharing this!
Speaking of how to download YouTube videos to iPhone, I realize that some download YouTube video formats should be converted before I import them onto my iPhone. Because iPhone only allows users to play specified video types. I would like to know how to settle both download and conversion task efficiently.


Great tips! Gonna be great for offline playback.


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you can download vid2mp3 app for converting video to mp3 and download videoder app for downloading videos in your android mobile:


I am using online video converter tool Youtube to mp3 converter. No issues with it. Its free and faster.:sunglasses:


This is amazing, on my iPhone, I cannot find any application for downloading youtube videos so until now I rely on a trick which is shown here It’s a bit complicated. Anyone know a better solution to download video or audio from Youtube to iPhone directly?


Try terrarium TV app. Now with Terrarium Tv you can download/stream your favorite movies or tv shows like Game of Thrones, House of cards, Breaking Bad, Flash, Supernatural, Friends and many more.


I am using the tubemate for ios application. You can also use it easily. Please visit here for more information:


i really like to use online methods for youtube to mp3 conversion… it’s hard to trust software these days… has to be constantly updated to keep up with all the changes other sites make… check out my favorite fresh list of sites that do the work for me


I personally prefer to download and convert iTunes M4V videos for its best quality and largest catalogue. Also, to make it better, I also use the itunes drm video converter to help me get rid of any copy protection. By doing this, I am able to enjoy iTunes videos across any devices freely.


I prefer to just use a youtube converter less problem and simple just copy the URL and paste it in the website and just choose mp 3 or mp 4


Youtube DL is one of the best tools for downloading Youtube videos. I use it mostly when I want to download an entire playlist or a course on Udemy. The handiest way I’ve known so far.
However, I think it would be much better to use a third-party application to save directly to your iPhone rather than rely on your computer. Despite the restrictions by Apple and Google, there are still dozens of apps can help


Thanks for sharing this. I can download multiple videos with iFunia YouTube Downloader on my Mac, but don’t know can download the videos on iPhone too.
FYI, the iFunia works really well on downloading Youtube videos on Mac. Any would like to try it can visit its official page here:
Every time I transfer the video to iPhone manually, I would like to try this solution.