Getting Started With Discourse - Rails on Maui

Basically, there’s a few dependencies to install, some of which you probably already have installed, such as Postgres and Redis. The main gotcha I faced was to make sure that you run the postgres instructions for creating the development database, rather than using the rake task. Then you can install the seed data:

1 psql -d discourse_development < pg_dumps/development-image.sql

The rake task to do rake db:seed_fu does not install the sample data, but rather some tiny bit of “seed” data (like post action types).

Once you have the test data installed, then run these commands.

1 2 3 4 5 bundle install # Yes, this DOES take a while. No, it's not really cloning all of rubygems :-) rake db:migrate rake db:test:prepare rake db:seed_fu bundle exec rspec # All specs should pass

You should have installed MailCatcher, so that you don’t have to configure any smtp server. Then you just have to visit http://localhost:1080 to see the mail messages that Discourse sends.

Then to run the Discourse application (assuming postgres and redis are running) open up two tabs. Cd each to the disource directory.

1 bundle exec rails server 1 bundle exec clockwork config/clock.rb

Or, install foreman (gem install foreman) and run (runs the Procfile).

1 2 3 export PORT=3000 export RAILS_ENV=development foreman start

If you got this working, you’ll see this:

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