Fluxxor, Tuxedo, and Flux-Libraries

After learning Flux I found very little libraries to help reduce what seemed like a lot of boiler-plate. Fluxxor and Tuxedo seem to reduce boiler-plate and help align code with the Flux convention.

Does anyone have any experience or opinion with using libraries like Fluxxor and Tuxedo?

@jrhicks I haven’t used either of those. I had the same feelings as you when I started and then I started to use Reflux. However, I quickly switched back to Flux and I haven’t looked back. Yes, there is a bit of boilerplate with the definitions of the actions and the methods to post the actions. However, as my project has scaled, the extra boilerplate code has made it very easy to work on this application. So I’d really encourage you to give Flux a try for a while.