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Very nice coverage of all the shortcuts. I use almost all those on a daily basis. My favorites being (CMD + Shft + N) to search for a file and reformat code (mapped to CMD + Shft + F). I also use the shortcut to open the directory window and console (CMD + 1 and CMD + 4). Very handy!

Thanks for creating this post and video. I love RubyMine, and I've learned a lot from this post.

This is a great tutorial. Thanks for creating and posting it. One question I did have is that in your RubyMine editor, it showed a nice line separator between your methods. How can I turn that on?

Thanks. Knowing that this helped somebody inspires me to create more tutorials.

You're most welcome. I updated the tips to answer your question.

Thanks a ton for this video. Those people make awesome products. I wish I knew "command + e" and "command + shift + e" sooner.

Great tutorial! It was exactly what I needed. I tried VIM for a while but realized that while text editing may be unparalleled in VIM, it's severely lacking (or at least requires lots of time consuming customization) when it comes to navigating between files, searching, and integration with other modern tools. So I'm trying out the VIM bindings with RubyMine and I think this is the perfect solution. Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the comment. Be sure to get the latest plugin updates. Here's a tip: Enter :reg at the vim command line and find that copied/deleted text that you need. Then hit "<number or="" char="">P to paste that text (yes, start with double quote, then the special char, then P)