Can the Flux pattern be used with react_on_rails?


I’m using the react_on_rails gem for the first time and I’m trying to integrate a React chat application into my Rails app. I created the chat application several months ago in an online CodeMentor class. I copied all of the relevant files and code from this application and placed it inside my Rails app and want to access this component in one of my Rails views.

Can the Flux pattern be used with react_on_rails? If so, is it used the same way as Redux is used? I’m having trouble figuring out how to access the data and actions in the Flux stores and have not found any documentation on this. Do I register the stores similar to Redux? Any help on this would be much appreciated.

@David_White You certainly could use flux in the way that Redux is supported. However, the code is currently optimized for Redux. You could see what we’re doing there and create a PR that supports flux.

I recommend you convert to redux instead.