Best Resources for Self-Learning?

Hey Everyone,

I’m currently teaching myself how to use the react_on_rails gem as I learn React.js at the same time. I’ve got a fair background in Rails and a little bit of self-taught React, but I was wondering what has worked best for everyone here in terms of studying React on their own time in the context of the react_on_rails gem, especially with Redux. I’m also wondering if there are any larger open-source projects out there using react_on_rails that I could read through to understand how everything fits together in the Rails-React ecosystem. Much appreciated!

@aschak2 I’m currently building “React on Rails Pro”. All forum members will soon have free access, and then there will be a charge for any members that are not actively contributing to the examples.

For anybody that has at least 15 hours a week to contribute, I’m looking for junior devs to help me build great learning examples for React on Rails that current with the latest libraries and crystal clear.

Get in touch with me at

Take a look at the references on the homepage including my Egghead Videos. I’d encourage you to get a subscription there!

This is a great resource for the redux ecosystem: