3rd party react component's css need to be copied manually?

Hi, I am trying to integrate a slider react component into my react_on_rails app. After ‘npm install’ the component, it is working (can be imported and called in jsx file) except the slider css file isn’t loaded. So I manually copied it’s css to ‘app/assets/stylesheets’ folder and imported it in application.scss. May I know is this the only way to include 3rd party css? or Is there other ‘automated’ way? Thanks.

Slider used: https://github.com/brownieboy/react-bootstrap-slider

@s.sglai React on Rails is actually agnostic about how you handle CSS. In fact, we’re changing the wizard generator to not do any CSS so you simply let the Rails asset pipeline handle Sass and CSS. In that case, just add the CSS file to your application.scss.css file. If you’re using CSS modules, as shown

Then you’ll need to understand how to do this in the context of Webpack and CSS modules. That I do not know off the top of my head.