ClojureScript, Om-Next, Datomic

ShakaCode is very interested in Clojure and ClojureScript. It’s looks like a logical branch out from our work with React and Rails.

We’ve got a potential client project involving ClojureScript, Om Next, Datomic (instead of PostGres), FigWheel. We’ll be converting from an Angular 1.0 + Rails app.

You can read about our philosophy here: Who Is Shaka Code?

Our philosophy differs quite a bit from your traditional Silicon Valley “gonna be the next unicorn” company. We’re much more in line with the philosophy and strategy of David and Jason from Basecamp.

I’m looking for some help with ClojureScript and Om Next ASAP. If this interests you, or if you know any other developers looking, let us know.

We’re also looking for general Rails + ReactJs skills is that is more of what interests you.

Please email me us at: